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Facebook announces 7-point plan to battle “misinformation”

November 22, 2016: Facebook and Google have both been under pressure in the past several weeks to curb the flow of fake news across their networks. Late last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a 7-point plan to battle what he called “misinformation” on Facebook. While Facebook doesn’t formally classify “misinformation” as a post type specifically […]

“New” Facebook post options touted to Page Admins

November 16, 2016: Last week, Facebook began promoting a package of six “new” post options to help Page Admins “connect with your customers and get the results you want.” While none of these post options are really “new,” a number have been revamped enough to warrant a quick test drive. Facebook’s “six pack” of post options […]

Kevin Lee: Digital media marketplaces reward creativity and messaging excellence

November 11, 2016: While some have claimed that creativity in advertising is endangered by the advent of today’s programmatic media marketplaces, Didit’s Kevin Lee asserts the opposite. Writing in, he suggests that a creative renaissance is now in the works, driven by the quality-seeking algorithms ruling these marketplaces. He writes: The algorithms ruling today’s programmatic […]

The latest crop of businesses giving Facebook Live Video a test drive

November 10, 2016: Didit has been closely following Facebook Live video since it launched earlier this year, and we’ve chronicled the many uses to which the video platform is being put by small businesses and local organizations. As we noted back in May, early adopters to the platform include an intriguing set of small businesses, […]

Study: Instagram use rising sharply among Fortune 500 companies

November 7, 2016: Since 2008, the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research (CMR) has been studying how large corporations (defined as those belonging to the Fortune 500) use blogging and social media. This year’s report contains many interesting nuggets of information; here are the standouts: Corporate blogging arrests its two-year decline Last year, […]

Kevin Lee in Search Engine “Dear Google, how about OS targeting? Programmatic Search?”

November 1, 2016: In a new article for Search Engine Land, Didit’s Kevin Lee requests that Google – after restoring bid modifiers for tablets and smartphones to the Adwords console – go a bit further, restoring operating system-based targeting. The return of device-level bidding adjustments (which happened back in July of this year) was welcomed […]

Use personalization to boost paid search conversion rates

October 31, 2016: New data from reports the beneficial effects seen by marketers when they personalize their paid search campaigns. According to the data, gathered from a survey of 600 UK-based respondents active in paid search, 48 percent of respondent report a “major lift” in conversion rates through personalization. Another 43 percent report a […]

Google adds Affiliate Extensions to Adwords

October 26, 2016: Last week, Google announced that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now add a new kind of extension their Adwords campaigns called “Affiliate Extensions.” This is significant for two reasons: first, mobile searchers – after beginning a search session on their devices — are increasingly consummating their purchases in physical stores, and second, because […]

LinkedIn Endorsements peer recommendation feature gets an update

October 24, 2016: LinkedIn’s popular Endorsement feature is getting a revamp, according to an update posted to LinkedIn’s official blog. The mechanics of this update are somewhat complex, at least for those not familiar with the intricacies of Hadoop, SQL, and distributed key-value storage systems. But the beneficial effects for LinkedIn members are easy to understand, […]

Etailers: please avoid these common site errors in Q4

October 20, 2016: Q4 is here in earnest, and etailers will soon be fighting a pitched battle for the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers. In this hyper-competitive environment, if sites don’t load fast, if navigation isn’t smooth, and if products don’t stand out, sales will be lost. But even small errors represent lost opportunities […]