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Cookies Are Going Away – Are You Ready?

A number of recent announcements from tech giants Apple and Google concerning the future of third-party tracking cookies has led to considerable hand-wringing – and even panic — among many digital marketers. This past March, Apple announced that its popular Safari browser was now blocking all third-party cookies. Google, which back in early 2020 announced […]

What Can Marketing Research Do For Your Brand?

Marketing research is an essential effort that allows brands to better understand their customers, competitive environment, and the effectiveness of their current marketing activities, including advertising. While the discipline has been around since the 1930s, the internet has radically changed how research is conducted, with traditional methods such as focus groups yielding to online polling […]

Leadfeeder: A Vital Tool for B2Bs

Businesses fielding B2B websites typically employ a number of analytical software packages – the most popular being Google Analytics – to measure traffic, behavior, page popularity, and other metrics. But while this data is useful to have, it’s insufficient to meet a core need of B2Bs, which is to zero in on site visitors that […]

Delivering Impact: Direct Mail and Brand Awareness

In our last blog post, we discussed the latest digital technologies proven to boost response, facilitate tracking, and get you the most from your direct mail campaigns. Today, we’re back to explore one of the most fundamental marketing strategies behind the direct mail experience: using the platform to build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow […]

Using Customer Pain Points In Your Messaging

Search marketers have long known that there’s value in “putting oneself into the shoes of searchers.” By so doing, they can craft and deploy content that precisely addresses searchers’ informational needs in a voice likely to resonate with these people and stimulate a positive response. Mitchell Levy, interviewed recently by Kevin Lee, Co-Founder and Executive […]

Digital and Direct Mail: More Than a One-Two Punch

In our last blog post, we discussed the new rules for reaching consumers via direct mail in the post-COVID marketplace. We talked about brands pulling back away from the direct mail channel—and about brands increasing awareness by marketing in a less cluttered mailbox. And for brands ready to put direct mail to the test, we’re […]

Direct Mail: The Comeback Kid

It wasn’t that long ago that marketing pundits were declaring that the direct mail channel was on the ropes, after being battered for years by the now ubiquitous Internet. But something remarkable happened last year. As COVID-19 lockdowns spread across the United States, confining many Americans to their homes, the daily arrival of a postal […]

How to Deliver Your Digital Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch began with a salesman who embraced the opportunity to close a client over a short, shared ride from one floor to the next. Today, the marketing tactic unfolds between brands and consumers moment by moment across all channels and touchpoints from websites and social media to email outreach and more. And just […]

What is a Content Hub (And What Can it Do for Your Business)?

Web proprietors — especially those doing e-commerce from their sites — face a common SEO problem: getting individual product/SKU products to rank highly enough to warrant first-page placement on Google’s organic search engine results pages. Navigational Hubs vs. Content Hubs The typical solution to this problem is to build a website hierarchically organized to drive […]

5 Digital PR Mistakes You Should Never Make

Didit CEO Kevin Lee recently interviewed Gregory Galant, founder of MuckRack, a digital PR platform used both by PR professionals and journalists. Mr. Galant has many years of experience in PR and has seen the profession evolve from the old “golden rolodex” days to today’s mix involving multiple channels, including SEO, social media, and paid […]