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Drive Virtual Foot Traffic with SEO and Content

If you read our last blog post, then you already know our stance on getting your small or medium-sized business ready for the digital marketplace in our post-pandemic new normal. And if you’re still operating solely from a brick-and-mortar store or physical location, there’s still time for you to shift your resources away from the […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Marketplace?

To say COVID-19 was one of the defining events of 2020 is an understatement—the implications will last well into the decade. The pandemic rocked businesses to the core, disrupting everything from our operations and supply chains to our outlooks and expectations. And nowhere is the impact felt stronger than among the small to medium-sized businesses […]

Do or Die: Post-COVID Digital Transformation

COVID-19 brought us a world of questions: What is a novel coronavirus? How does the virus spread? How long will the pandemic last? What can I do to keep my family safe? The outbreak changed life as we knew it—and most of us are still waiting for answers. Small to medium-sized business owners also faced […]

Kevin Lee Interviewed by’s Barry Schwartz

Didit Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Kevin Lee was recently interviewed by’s Barry Schwartz, a noted SEO expert who has lately been doing a series of socially-distanced video interviews. In Part 1 of the interview — conducted outdoors — Kevin and Barry discuss how Digital PR can help marketers achieve PR and SEO goals at […]

Position Your Business for Marketing Success in the Post-COVID Era

Back in March, Didit posted 5 Things Businesses Should Do in an Outbreak, a basic guide for adapting and surviving in the wake of COVID’s massive changes to consumer behavior. We advised you to resist the temptation to cut back on marketing—and especially, digital marketing—spend. We reminded you that life will normalize again—and when it […]

Better images for social media

August 13, 2019: Social media professionals know that images drive impact on social media performance and engagement numbers. Images express in visual shorthand what otherwise would take a paragraph of text to communicate. Wisely chosen images are Liked, Retweeted, and forwarded, creating viral buzz. Images can deliver insights, be funny, powerful, or informative, and move people. […]

5 Things Businesses Should Do in an Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting businesses from every industry. Nowhere is the ripple effect stronger than in events, retail, hospitality, and small to medium-sized business. 25% of small business owners report a negative impact from the coronavirus outbreak including slower sales (42%), supply chain disruption (39%), and sick employees (4%). Major conferences and events hosted […]

What You Need to Know about the Facebook Algorithm Change

February 16, 2018: Facebook announced on January 11th that it was changing its newsfeed to serve users more content from their close connections (friends and family) and less content from publishers and brands, or as Hootsuite put it: “News feeds will likely start to show more pictures of your uncle’s dog and fewer Buzzfeed listicles.” As […]

Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Voice Search

February 15, 2018: The “10 blue links paradigm” traditionally used by search engines is being augmented by a new model in which users speak commands, questions, and queries to smart devices that understand their speech and can respond intelligently to their queries. Voice search-capable devices include smart phones equipped with software from Google or Apple, […]

The psychology of viral content

October 15, 2017: Every business with a social media presence wants to create content that’s widely shared. Each year, big brands spend millions of dollars on “viral marketing” experts whose jobs are to create edgy, viral campaigns, the vast majority of which flop instead of soaring. “Viral marketing specialists” lurk by the dozens on sites such as […]