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Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Voice Search

February 15, 2018: The “10 blue links paradigm” traditionally used by search engines is being augmented by a new model in which users speak commands, questions, and queries to smart devices that understand their speech and can respond intelligently to their queries. Voice search-capable devices include smart phones equipped with software from Google or Apple, […]

The psychology of viral content

October 15, 2017: Every business with a social media presence wants to create content that’s widely shared. Each year, big brands spend millions of dollars on “viral marketing” experts whose jobs are to create edgy, viral campaigns, the vast majority of which flop instead of soaring. “Viral marketing specialists” lurk by the dozens on sites such as […]

What Twitter’s Character Limit Change Means to You

September 27, 2017: Twitter’s announcement Tuesday night that it was experimentally upping its 140 character limit to 280 characters prompted much speculation about what this change means to the future of the service and how it will impact the jobs of social media marketers, managers, and influencers active on the service. Didit CEO Kevin Lee […]

Didit Hires Respected Industry Veteran John Platé to Oversee Fulfillment Services at Didit DM in Plainview

MINEOLA, NY — July 11, 2017 —Mineola-based fully integrated marketing and communications agency, Didit, announced today that it hired marketing industry veteran John P. Platé as Vice President of Fulfillment Services for its direct marketing division in Plainview, Didit DM. Mr. Platé, of Quogue, is a lifelong entrepreneur who has created businesses both in and […]

Kevin Lee moderates panel on hyperlocal targeting

On June 21st, Didit CEO Kevin Lee moderated a diverse panel titled “Hyperlocal Marketing for Brands — What’s Working Now?” that brought together several marketers exploring opportunities using hyperlocal targeting. Participants include Adi Pal, Founder, Mash + Grape, a “bricks to clicks” wine and spirits retailer, Jake Davidow, Media Buyer for JP Morgan Chase, and […]

Featured Snippets: 3 things that digital marketers need to know

June 6, 2017: This past week, the good folks over at published a mammoth study on Featured Snippets, a particular type of organic listing that Google may display for selected queries. As Google explains in its Search Console Help area, Featured Snippets are “extracted programmatically from what a visitor sees on your web page,” […]

Facebook changes News Feed algorithm to battle clickbait and “empty calorie content”

May 22, 2017: “Organic social media” – a marketing method in which marketers are able to reach their target audiences without having to pay a social network to deliver any messaging — naturally offers the highest ROI for marketers, which explains this channel’s high adoption rate. For users, however — and for the social networks […]

Forrester: Search is a “synergistic cross-channel amplifier”

May 2, 2017: Forrester Research – in concert with Catalyst and Microsoft – recently published a white paper touting the value of search – both paid and unpaid (SEO) – as an amplification mechanism capable of boosting the ROI of other media channels. The study – based on surveys conducted with 300 US-based B2C advertisers […]

LinkedIn launches Custom Audience product

April 25, 2017: LinkedIn’s Custom Audience product, dubbed “Matched Audiences,” launched this week, just as the business-oriented network announced that it had hit the 500 million member mark. Like similar Custom Audience products launched by Facebook, Twitter and Google over the past several years, Matched Audiences is a self-serve tool allowing marketers to leverage their […]

Moving from tactical to strategic SEO

April 18, 2017: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has traditionally been understood as a tactic used to gain increased search engine visibility without paying for clicks. Consequently, the focus of most articles, speeches, webinars, and presentations is on its many tactical dimensions, e.g. how to get links, social shares, improve website performance, write the ideal keyword-optimized […]