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Direct Mail: The Comeback Kid

It wasn’t that long ago that marketing pundits were declaring that the direct mail channel was on the ropes, after being battered for years by the now ubiquitous Internet. But something remarkable happened last year. As COVID-19 lockdowns spread across the United States, confining many Americans to their homes, the daily arrival of a postal […]

How to Deliver Your Digital Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch began with a salesman who embraced the opportunity to close a client over a short, shared ride from one floor to the next. Today, the marketing tactic unfolds between brands and consumers moment by moment across all channels and touchpoints from websites and social media to email outreach and more. And just […]

What is a Content Hub (And What Can it Do for Your Business)?

Web proprietors — especially those doing e-commerce from their sites — face a common SEO problem: getting individual product/SKU products to rank highly enough to warrant first-page placement on Google’s organic search engine results pages. Navigational Hubs vs. Content Hubs The typical solution to this problem is to build a website hierarchically organized to drive […]

5 Digital PR Mistakes You Should Never Make

Didit CEO Kevin Lee recently interviewed Gregory Galant, founder of MuckRack, a digital PR platform used both by PR professionals and journalists. Mr. Galant has many years of experience in PR and has seen the profession evolve from the old “golden rolodex” days to today’s mix involving multiple channels, including SEO, social media, and paid […]

10 Proven Social Media Strategies to Target, Reach, and Engage

Social media success is a three-part equation where brands must target, reach, and engage audiences across an interconnected web of popular, passion-fueled, and people-driven platforms. Today, everything about digital marketing has changed—including the social media strategies your business and brand need to succeed. Brands emerging from the other side of the pandemic—embracing the same social […]

4 Useful Content Types For Business Success

Creating and publishing content that reflects and projects the unique selling proposition of your business provides advantage in today’s digital marketplace. And while small and medium-sized businesses lacking access to sophisticated content production capabilities have traditionally been at a tremendous disadvantage in the marketplace, the cost of these tools has dropped to near zero, making […]

The Vaccine is Here: It’s Time to Take Your Shot

As we put pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard), the good news about the COVID-19 vaccine is already here. Science is ready to release a major threat to the virus’ existence and a savior to our well-being: a vaccine that can hold off the effects of this menace to our society responsible for closing […]

Drive Virtual Foot Traffic with SEO and Content

If you read our last blog post, then you already know our stance on getting your small or medium-sized business ready for the digital marketplace in our post-pandemic new normal. And if you’re still operating solely from a brick-and-mortar store or physical location, there’s still time for you to shift your resources away from the […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Marketplace?

To say COVID-19 was one of the defining events of 2020 is an understatement—the implications will last well into the decade. The pandemic rocked businesses to the core, disrupting everything from our operations and supply chains to our outlooks and expectations. And nowhere is the impact felt stronger than among the small to medium-sized businesses […]

Do or Die: Post-COVID Digital Transformation

COVID-19 brought us a world of questions: What is a novel coronavirus? How does the virus spread? How long will the pandemic last? What can I do to keep my family safe? The outbreak changed life as we knew it—and most of us are still waiting for answers. Small to medium-sized business owners also faced […]