Didit’s Kevin Lee was recently interviewed by Steffen Horst, CEO and Co-Founder of Symphonic Digital, in a podcast entitled “How AI Changes the SEO Landscape.”

Kevin and Steffen discuss how generative AI systems such as ChatGTP are changing the traditional “10 blue links” SERP and how they can accelerate content ideation and production for content teams. As Kevin observes, “when it comes to ideation, or helping to create topics and delve deeper into topics, (a generative AI system is like) having an encyclopedia plus at one’s fingertips. It’s sort of Wikipedia on steroids.”

At the same time, given search engines’ history at combatting spammy, low-quality content over the past decade, there are clear and foreseeable risks in using AI-generated content “out of the box.” As Kevin notes, “I think it’s going to be become pretty clear to the search engines when it’s being used straight out of the box to spam. And the question is, how lucky do you feel, right? Do you really want to go out there and use it, use it to spin up spammy articles, even if they’re relevant?. And even if they’re quality? I don’t think that Google and Bing are going to take kindly to content forms being AI generated.”

Kevin and Steffen discuss AI graphical tools such as Dall-E and Midjourney, and delve into the question of whether traditional SEO techniques used for the past decade will remain effective in AI-assisted search. “The strategy I’m recommending, at the moment really isn’t that much of a divergence from the strategy I was recommending three years ago, four years ago,” said Kevin. “Which was to not think about SEO purely from the perspective of getting one’s own domain to rank, but more about getting content, which speaks positively about you and your brand out there in the broader ecosystem, so that you can increase the odds that you show up in the SERP in a positive context.”

“Great content should have been a part of the person’s strategy for at least five years, right?,” notes Kevin. “Potentially, even in ’96, content was king. It’s still king, but it has to be great quality content that solves a need, solves a purpose and puts the content consumer first. Don’t put the algo first; put the consumer first. If that’s been your mission, and that’s been your guiding light, your North Star, from a content creation perspective, it should continue to be so.”

You can listen the podcast at https://symphonicdigital.com/kevin-lee-how-ai-changes-the-seo-landscape/ or by clicking on the image below.

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