Leading marketing and advertising agency Didit discusses taking the next steps for your business after the COVID-19 vaccine.

As we put pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard), the good news about the COVID-19 vaccine is already here. Science is ready to release a major threat to the virus’ existence and a savior to our well-being: a vaccine that can hold off the effects of this menace to our society responsible for closing our businesses, robbing our quality of life, making us sick, and even killing us at a rate of 3,000 Americans a day.

So, let’s ride the wave of positive news. Let’s look ahead without looking back. And let’s get as far away from the devastation as possible while never failing to honor the heroic efforts of those who fought – and continue to fight — to keep this plague at bay.

It’s time for us to figure out how to move our livelihoods in the upward direction: And yes—we mean your business and what pays the bills. The days we spent sitting back and waiting for a brighter tomorrow are over. The future of your business starts today.

It’s time to take your shot (don’t worry; it won’t hurt).

A quick recap.

We recently discussed the power of digital transformation for brick-and-mortar businesses. For retail stores, business services, and office environments—anywhere day-to-day staff greet guests, chat with customers, and consult with clients—the modern world has certainly not been the same. And neither should your business operations if you want to survive and eventually thrive.

If you’ve followed our cookbook recipe from our previous blog posts, you already have a solid website built to communicate your goods and services in an easy-to-navigate platform. You already have high-quality SEO content written to not only connect your visitors with key messaging but also bait the search engines into crawling and indexing your website. But if you’re here for the first time, then you have some catching up to do.

Where to go from here.

Most small to medium-sized businessowners in your position want to know what comes next. For any type of business, the answer is more search engine visibility. And that means creating even more content. Content that educates, entertains, empowers, and inspires. Content that’s accessible and shareable. But most important: Content that never stops.

Publishing a blog post and letting it sit there can give your business website an initial buzz. But the influx of activity can only slow down from there. Keeping the buzz going means creating – and adhering to — a content calendar—a schedule of topics and pieces to post on your website on a regular basis—so that your content (and website) never get stale – for search engines or for users

The power of fresh content.

Fresh content welcomes new visitors who stop by to see what tidbits are on the table. And that opens the door for you to introduce new products or services that attract even more new customers and clients. Kudos from the search engines—given in the form of higher page rankings—will bring your business both visibility and credibility.

The process doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning, time, thought, and effort to make your business truly competitive in today’s digital marketing environment. But give the search engines a reason to keep coming back for more—and that’s exactly what the search engines will do. Every story, product description, service summary, article, update, review, and video you publish gives the search engines that reason.

Take the next steps with us.

Next, we’ll discuss how to speed up the process of gaining visibility within the search engines. But don’t forget: you must start with a solid base. That’s your foundation to build on before you can get there.

Wherever you are in your journey, take your next steps with Didit.

Contact us today.

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