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Leading digital marketing and advertising agency Didit discusses driving virtual foot traffic with SEO and content.

If you read our last blog post, then you already know our stance on getting your small or medium-sized business ready for the digital marketplace in our post-pandemic new normal. And if you’re still operating solely from a brick-and-mortar store or physical location, there’s still time for you to shift your resources away from the old way of doing things and build a structurally sound, success-driven foundation. Or maybe you’ve already taken the first step—and you’re here to figure out the next one forward.

Last time, we discussed the power of hiring the right digital professional to audit and revamp your existing website or build it for the first time from the ground up. But what happens after you open up shop in the digital marketplace? When virtual foot traffic is the goal, the next step is getting your website ready for Google and other search engines and positioning your business for the best possible placement. And that means taking a closer look at your website content.

SEO success starts with content

Long-term SEO success finds the businesses with optimized websites that the search engine spiders can crawl, index, understand, and reward. And your content plays a major role in helping Google and other search engines go through the process.

Authentic, useful content crafted for your audience is king in helping the search engines discover your website, learn about your products or services, move you up in the rankings, and connect you with targeted consumers searching for a business just like yours.

However, the right content does more than get users to your website—it also gets them to stay. And that means focusing on compelling ways to capture the attention of users and keep them lingering long enough to consider hiring you for the job. In simpler terms: create content with value.

Content with value

Content with value spreads like wildfire on the web—the same way content without value goes down in flames. But what gives content value? Value begins with substantive, unique, and useful content that demonstrates authoritativeness and expertise, builds trust and familiarity, and earns the attention, consideration, and admiration of human beings and search engines alike. For all intents and purposes, valuable content is anything that turns website users into customers and clients.

Once you have content with value—and the confidence to put your marketing message and business pitch in front of potential clients and customers—you can start connecting the technical and traditional SEO dots that get targeted users to your website. And the first dot connects the right content to the right keywords.

The right keywords

Keyword research helps you understand the questions, pain points, interests, and needs motivating your target audience to find a business like yours. And the right keywords help put your business and brand in front of the right user.

The right keywords target relevant topics with high search volume and low competition to give your business the best possible chance of ranking on high-traffic, relevant results pages. And the right keywords appear in the right places—from title tags and meta descriptions to subheads, body content, internal links, and more—all interconnected within a simple, logical, and user-friendly navigation.

Content quality first—and then quantity

Keyword-rich content with value is a powerful tool to boost your search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic. But in a competitive arena like Google, a small to medium-sized business needs an edge to make an impact. Content quality is where to begin—but content quantity is the way to keep powering forward.

Keeping a calendar of regular, “fresh” content—from blog posts and white papers to video and other content marketing tools—can help level the playing field. Google and other search engines favor and reward websites that consistently publish quality content. And any type of content that improves your search engine visibility and leads users back to your website is content worth publishing.

Take the next step with us

Every small or medium-sized business needs an edge in our post-COVID business world—and our team has the insight and ingenuity to help you take the next step. Our SEO strategists and content writers work together to empower our clients with search engine visibility, targeted website traffic, and real-world business growth. And we can do the same for you. Let’s start driving virtual foot traffic.

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