Didit Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Kevin Lee discusses digital PR and SEO.

Didit Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Kevin Lee was recently interviewed by SearchEngineLand.com’s Barry Schwartz, a noted SEO expert who has lately been doing a series of socially-distanced video interviews.

In Part 1 of the interview — conducted outdoors — Kevin and Barry discuss how Digital PR can help marketers achieve PR and SEO goals at the same time. As Kevin observes, “what we find for a lot of folks is that their own domains won’t rank that well except for their own name and that’s an uphill battle that takes time and investment. So it’s easier for content that sits outside their own domain to rank than for content that is in their domain.” Given that “the idea is to dominate the results page for all the concepts and themes and keyword combinations you’d like to show up for as a company” this external content can provide a powerful means to increase mindshare among consumers.


Part 2 of the interview covered a wide range of SEO topics, including the value of Nofollow Links, the degree to which 301 and 302 Redirects pass link juice, and the broad issue of whether SEO is a task more difficult to accomplish than PPC. As Kevin observes, it’s often easier to make clients appreciate the value of PPC given this channel’s ability to produce quick results, whereas implementing changes required for good SEO can often have short-term negative impact before yielding long-term gains.


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