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Google Analytics gets an AI boost

September 7, 2016: Last week, Google announced that it has added real-time, AI-enhanced reporting capabilities, as well as easier sharing of data, to its popular Analytics site analysis software. The new functionality, dubbed “Automated Insights,” is available on late-generation Andriod/IOS devices now; a web version is also in the works. Why this is a big deal Between […]

Google to web: disable intrusive interstitials or suffer page-level downgrades

August 31, 2016: Google made big news last week when it announced that web sites running “interstitials” (AKA pop-ups) are risking being downranked on mobile SERPS. In an August 23rd update published to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog,  Product Manager Doantam Phan wrote: Pages that show intrusive interstitials provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is […]

Report: B2B marketers shouldn’t ignore Facebook

August 29, 2016: A new study by UK-based firms Hotwire and VansonBourne supports the notion that B2B marketers need to be active on Facebook – as well as other “nontraditional” social networks – to reach key B2B decision-makers. The study – based on survey results from 1,000 decision-makers in Information Technology – contains a number of […]

Facebook Slideshow ads are tweaked, making them easier to create and easier to see

August 24, 2016: This week, Facebook announced a number of improvements to its Slideshow format ads. The tweaks include: 1. Tighter integration with Facebook’s stock image collection. 2. The ability to create Slideshow ads from Android devices. 3. Improved viewability on low-bandwidth connections. Facebook slideshow ads provide a quick-and-easy way for businesses – especially SMBs who […]

3 steps to better content (and better content marketing)

August 22, 2016: If you’re a content marketer – on the brand side or at an agency —  a new study from Australia-based Dejan Marketing may have you reaching for your spellchecker. According to the study – based on an open-ended survey of 1,000 web users, “content properties” count a lot in establishing the trustworthiness […]

Are business blogs still important?

August 19, 2016: About two years ago, Didit examined a topic that’s still much on the minds of digital marketers today: are blogs still important? Do these trusty, time-tested publishing vehicles matter – in an era in which corporate blogging appears to be declining, social media traffic is rising, and more commercial enterprises — especially “Mom & Pop” firms — […]

Is your business website ready for the media?

August 17, 2016: Most business owners would be delighted to imagine that their websites are being actively perused by members of the media. But the site areas most reporters visit — including the “about” pages and other internal “newsroom” areas that aren’t concerned with sales or marketing – typically present frustrating, disappointing experiences, according to […]

Emarketer survey: Facebook best network in terms of social media ROI

August 16, 2016: Earlier this month, Emarketer published a new survey on social media spending that included data about how marketers regarded different social networks in respect to social media ROI (Return on Investment). The survey was based on responses from 551 social media marketers worldwide; while Emarketer didn’t break out the industries represented by […]

FTC warns (again) that social media celebrities, brands, and agencies will be targeted unless financial relationships are disclosed

August 15, 2016: A widely cited article that ran on last week contained some very scary news for some social media influencers and the agencies and brands that pay them. The article quoted Michael Ostheimer, who works in the Federal Trade Commission’s Ad Practices Division. He noted that “we’ve been interested in deceptive endorsements for […]

Is “Digital Marketing” a redundant phrase today?

August 11, 2016: Quietly, but inexorably, the “digital” component of marketing is making its presence felt throughout the panoply of marketing strategies and tactics. As Gartner’s Yvonne Genovese put it recently, “marketers no longer make a clear distinction between offline and online marketing disciplines. As customers opt for digitally led experiences, digital marketing stops being […]

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