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UPDATE 4/24/17: LinkedIn, which promised a self-serve Custom Audience product back in March, 2016, finally delivered one in late April, 2017. The product is called “Matched Audiences,” and Didit has a blog post covering this new development here:

LinkedIn launches Custom Audience product

March 2, 2016: Custom Audiences are a powerful but fundamentally simple mode of digital marketing that utilizes the email addresses you’ve already gathered to source digital marketing campaigns. Facebook invented Custom Audience back in 2013, Twitter and Google have embraced them, and LinkedIn’s now jumped on board with a product called LinkedIn Account Targeting.

Previously, LinkedIn did allow B2B firms to target up to 100 companies on LinkedIn via its wide range of targeting options. But LinkedIn rep Russell Glass noted in an interview with TechCrunch that the existing system wasn’t efficient given all the manual work required to set up targeting campaigns.

LinkedIn’s new system (known as “Account Targeting”) broadens the number of targets from 100 to a maximum of 30,000. Once the account is set up, and the uploaded list is matched to businesses with LinkedIn accounts (of which there are more than 8 million), advertisers will be able to use either Sponsored Updates – LinkedIn’s native advertising product — or Sponsored InMail campaigns to message the targeted Accounts in a bid to gain attention.

Unlike similar Custom Audience products offered by Facebook, Twitter, and Google, no self-serve option will be offered by LinkedIn at the time of the product launch. Instead, advertisers “will need to work with a LinkedIn account representative to set up their target list and launch their campaigns.” A self-serve option is reportedly on the way, however, and might roll out sometime in 2016.

The system will go live, tomorrow, March 2, 2016.

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LinkedIn jumps on the Custom Audience bandwagon
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LinkedIn jumps on the Custom Audience bandwagon
LinkedIn has introduced "Account Targeting," a custom audience targeting system for its users.